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Happiness, Meaning and Purpouse

17 Apr 2065

Find what makes you happy and gives you a meaning and purpose. Find how to stop suffering. Don't stop until you find it. Do what need’s to be done. This is so short and precious life that there is no excuse to look for the answers.

Happiness can be a skill you develop, and a choice. You can decide it is important to you, you prioritize it. Then you work at it (it’s like learning calculus, it’s like working on your muscles).

What are constrains?

Your way should be streamlined with your nature, virtues you have chosen to live by and character, good in long term for you and useful for other.

Nothing will bring you happiness unless you decide so.

“Good,” means operating consistently with the natural laws, while “bad” means operating inconsistently with these laws.

I should not suffer now to be happy in the future.

Health is important. Even Buddha when he had not good health, it was a problem to think clearly.

Calm. Luxury don't make us calm.

Different ways to Happiness

One way is to be in a flow state. One guy after interviewing over a thousand people about what made them happy, he found that all the responses had five things in common. Happiness, or ‘flow’, occurs when we are: intensely focused on an activity, of our own choosing, that is, neither under-challenging (boreout) nor over-challenging (burnout), that has, a clear objective, and that receives immediate feedback. It is like playing that you do simply for the joy of doing rather as a means to an end. You can scheduled this fun time.

Another way is to find a life goal. It should be something new, that nobody did before. Not reinventing the wheel. You can live a life not just of simplicity but of high contribution and meaning. You want to deliver to the world what you would buy if you were on the other end. You may live long enough to find your glory. When you feel that you don’t have a goal - you feel bad. You can not live without a goal. To put another way, life goal can be your work satisfaction. It’s a sense of making a difference.

Another way is by keeping learning and growing, seeking truth, accepting the world as it really is (not as you wish them be), being in harmony with the things their truly are, just live your life (not build lasting things), other things lead to desires, ideologies, conflict. If you can write a better song than yesterday is's more realistic, than I want to be like Beatles. And if you can do it everyday... I would have bad life if everyday is bad, without a progress.

Another way is to find peace (fundamentally understanding yourself, what are you reacting to emotionally, attachment, desire to have things, living by your virtues and values). Absence of suffering, comes from peace. Buddha is telling us that people suffer because we have desires. And the only way to go away from suffering is in the middle way. But this is very radical response to a problem called - unhappiness. You can find that when you stop going against you nature and instead just decided to shape my life around it, it made you very happy. Be kinder and easier to yourself. Set your expectations (vs. what you get: lower expectations). Be conscientiousness.

Another way is to have spontaneous life (don’t plan). Prefer to live in the moment and be in flow, and be happy.

Another way is to try to have more fun (advice for 20 year old self). Doing the work was most important. But doing the work and enjoying process is a lot better.

Close relationships and social connections keep you happy and healthy. Agreeableness. Social activity. Good friendships. Helping others

Finding your way

Ask yourself: if I had all the money and all the time in the world, what I would do? What matters to me?

Did I make the most of my time on earth? Security - financial? Adventure? Freedom? Other things that matter to me?

Universal tips and tricks

No carbs.

Busy is killer for productivity and happiness (have room for thinking).

Forget the money - guard your time.

Twenty minutes of aerobic activities every day (ideally 8000 steps per day), and 250 steps every hour.

I don’t want to spend my time on boring and useless activities.

Every year make a self-examination about good and bad feelings, what caused them.

Make great morning, by contemplating sunrise.

More sunlight on the skin.

Tell your friends that you are a happy person.

Look up and smile. Optimism.

Do you feel sometimes guilt on trivial matters?