Kamil Rudnicki Personal Page

For more than a year, I’m trying to solve the life mystery. I wanted to put my life into the paper. I tried putting my life into Trello, Evernote, mind maps. I’m studying my life, it’s the most interesting study, and hard to catch. There are so many variables, so many attributions, connections. I have tried asking hard questions, about the past, presence and future. I asked about why is ok what is not, what should I improve, what should I be proud of.

And the most important thing from those thinking is: I don’t trust my brain. That’s why I’m doing this.
I don’t trust my memory - I easily forget things.
I don’t trust my way of thinking - I’m often don’t rational, I know people with better way of thinking in different kind of situations.
I don’t trust my intuition
I don’t trust my thoughts in the backugrd (thanks to meditation I’m aware of this)
Why I’m doing what I’m doing? My perfectionism, my character
I want to find a way to help me with those. A way to hack my brain with the tools like evernote, trello, anki, to-do list, psychology etc.
Will I find the way?
Why I’m doing this?
I’m happy. I have successes. But I want to be a better CEO, boyfriend, friend, son, brother, inspiration. I want to help people with my better brain. I don’t trust him. I will make him better! I will study hard my life, science.

But to be the best, I want to have the best brain, let’s help create the best brain in the world! It’s very hard problem...