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"btw, its nice to talk to you directly on chat, its a rare case to have CEO on line :) "</p>

This is what our client said to me on Livechat when I was talking with him about new report that he would like to have in TimeCamp.

I recently find out about http://www.ceoonsupport.com/ idea. I was doing this for a long time, and I'm very happy that this gets it's light in movement started by Freshdesk. I can't tell you how much benefits it has! For example:

I know that this can take time, but looking at my report from TimeCamp I spent in the last 30 days 5 hours on livechat and 5 hours on support tickets. But hell, I learned so much. I think this is my best and most efficient touch point with clients. It's eye opening.

I can get strategic point of view at problems from our customers, but talking with them directly gives me more meaning.