Kamil Rudnicki Personal Page

Imagine you were meditating for 8 minutes. You were relaxed, listening to nice music, trying to focus on here and now. Every thought that came to your mind - you have noticed it and ignore it completely. Your brain was slowing down.

You wake up. You can now see details of everyday things, that you normally was ignoring. You are aware of moving your hand. You slowly unblock your smartphone, because you set earlier a timer to wake you up from the medition. You are looking at wallpaper at your mobile phone. You see mountains. Slowly moving screens, you see new parts of a beautifull mountains showing up. You see roads, trees and details on a small wallpaper on your mobile phone. Spontaneously. You image how it would be there. You had never seen it before, even if you seen it thousand of times.

Your mind slowly is moving to normal state. You start feeling the stress for the past and the future. You start thinking what to do next. You are in productive state, ready to challenge the world, thinking about the future…