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  1. First thing first, you should gather all the informations you already have received in one place.
  2. Gather names of all the customers you already have and you want to learn about.
  3. Try to learn about every one of them from your internal usage analytics and make notes.
  4. Choose about 10 customers to call - first three customers should be not the most important ones.
  5. Define list of features you want to learn about.
  6. Design solutions, by your own intuition.
  7. Brainstorm 2-3 questions - make them concrete, but always ask why.
  8. Brainstorm more questions about concrete ideas about features.
  9. Call and make notes.
Example questions?
  • What actions do you perform the most on XYZ? Why?
  • What features on XYZ, do you like? Why?
  • What features on XYZ is missing, you would like to have? Why?