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Today I will write about the concept of informed intuition. It is a knowledge that everybody in executive role should know about.

Ok. So first thing, what this is, is a feeling that you know your customers by heart. It means that you can say, that you know what your potential customers came from, you know what they want, what they like, what they don’t like about the products in your niche. It also means that you know why they give up your products, why they leave, why they choose your competition. And thanks to this knowledge you will be able to make strategic and decisions. Without this, I don’t know how you could make those decisions. Based on what?

Ok, how to create Informed Intuition? Some examples we use:

  1. Talk with your support department. Talk with sales.
  2. Work in openspace and listen what people talk about.
  3. Let your contact form submissions also get to executives inboxes. Read them, then trash them.
  4. Send automatically questionnaires to people who deleted their accounts, and answers should land on your inbox also.
  5. When people sign up for the 10th time show them a questionnaire. Answers should be send directly to your inbox.
  6. Call your customers time to time.