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Watching Eric Schmidt Keynote on UC Berkley I was wondering if Eric Schmidt is right.

Disconnect from Internet for an one hour a day.

And you know what, he is 100% right in this case. Why?

Do you have experience from of the old times (when the Internet didn’t exist yet), when you were bored, you have nothing to do - you dreamed, you thought, you get peace of mind and energy? I feel right now that way. I deleted all the blogs I should read, all the podcast to watch, and read it later pages. The week before I also deleted my Facebook account. Now I have nothing to do, and I feel peace of mind, I feel like changing the world!

People need to feel sometimes that there is nothing to do anymore. Global connection, thanks to devices you have in your pocket, on your lap is an enemy here. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against them. Just hoping you will understand, that the Internet is causing we feel, that there is always something to watch, to learn, to read, external bad things….

I throw them away, and make a room to think. Do you agree with me?