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Listening to Mixergy, Traction podcasts, I am getting to see the pattern that startups need to focus on the product. That product is the gate for million of dollars. They are saying focus on product!

BUT… I am making a company where we constantly thinking about how to get traction, how to sell our software. Selling is the main problem we have in our company. I would be more than happy to focus only on product and hire the best people, but I can’t, we must sell.

WTF? Why this happens? Why successful companies say they focus on product development, while companies that are trying hard to get small profits, don’t feel that working on their existing product will get them big success? I ask why?

I have one hypothesis, it is all about the market. If the market is BIG, PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR SOLUTION, PEOPLE ARE TELLING OTHERS, this is the distinction between very successful  companies and companies that hardly get small profits.

Why nobody is telling this?